Author: LightboardECO

Special offer – LightboardECO® 10 mm

Special offer – NUR für Deutschland: Testen Sie LightboardECO für Ihre Anwendungen, schnell und einfach: Unser Angebot: – 10 mm 1000 x 1400 mm – 1 box – 12 Stück Preis frei Haus Deutschland: 230 euro  / Box    ———->>>>>    Sonderpreis: 130 euro / Box   Bestellen Sie noch heute!       Angebot gilt bis 30.6.2015, preise sind exkl. Mwst,

How to produce a LightboardECO Display

These are the steps to produce as display like this: STEP 1 – Create a constructual design or use an existing one               STEP 2: Enter the graphic design STEP 3: The print and cut files are sent to flatbedprinter and cutting table and then the display is ready for assembly  

LightboardECO® presents LightCore

LightCore is a hybrid, laminated with 2,5mm Ecor® Flat and Lightboard´s well proven, corrugated honeycomb inside. LightCore is produced of environmental composites. They are 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and contents no toxic composites LightCore can be produced in a thickness of 10mm up to 100 mm. The board can be painted or printed (flatbed printing)