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Special offer – LightboardECO® 10 mm

Special offer – NUR für Deutschland: Testen Sie LightboardECO für Ihre Anwendungen, schnell und einfach: Unser Angebot: – 10 mm 1000 x 1400 mm – 1 box – 12 Stück Preis frei Haus Deutschland: 230 euro  / Box    ———->>>>>    Sonderpreis: 130 euro / Box   Bestellen Sie noch heute!       Angebot gilt bis 30.6.2015, preise sind exkl. Mwst,

LightboardECO® presents LightCore

LightCore is a hybrid, laminated with 2,5mm Ecor® Flat and Lightboard´s well proven, corrugated honeycomb inside. LightCore is produced of environmental composites. They are 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and contents no toxic composites LightCore can be produced in a thickness of 10mm up to 100 mm. The board can be painted or printed (flatbed printing)      

Lightboard ECO in the museum

Great new applications with LightboardECO provided by Antalis lithuania. It‘s the Antalis Lithuania 2014 calendar and Vilnius Academy of Arts exhibition and the Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius.