LightboardECO presents LightCore 

IMG_3931.JPGLightCore is a hybrid, laminated with 2,5mm Ecor® Flat and Lightboard´s well proven, corrugated honeycomb inside.





LightCore is produced of environmental composites. They are 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and contents no toxic composites

LightCore can be produced in a thickness of 10mm up to 100 mm. The board can be painted or printed (flatbed print)

LightCore can be processed like MDF or particle board.

LightCore is used when you have higher demands on strength of the material.

The 100% formaldehyde free LightCore, can for example be used for shelves, kitchen fittings, furniture, (specially  children furniture) shop equipment, sound insulating boards, trade show furniture and office equipment

Technical specifications:

Thickness: 10mm-100mm         Weight/cbm     Weight/sqm

10mm                                            507 k                 5.075gr

15mm                                            340 k                 5.400gr

25mm                                            242 k                 6.050gr