We love nature, and nature loves us. Green materials for advertising, furnitures and more

Lightboard is commited to develop and produce environmentally friendly products. We care about the future and want to be a part of making this planet into a gentler place. Our product is unique, offering a corrugated honeycomb board from 5mm and upwards. It is extremely rigid and has the highest shape stability available Lightboard ECO products are 100% recyclable.

Lightboard was founded by a group of people with different skills. Great knowledge of materials, sustainability experience, sales professionals, advertising pros and digital printing specialists. The team joined up with one goal: Develop and provide great materials with a sound ecological background.

With production and warehousing in germany, we cover the german and european distribution.

Lightboard wurde von Personen mit unterschiedlichen Spezialisierungen gegründet. Gute Materialkenntnisse, Erfahrungen im Thema Nachhaltigkeit, Vertriebsprofis, Werbespezialisten und zu guter Letzt – Pioniere des Digitaldrucks. Das Team vereinigte sich für ein Ziel: Die Entwicklung und Angebot von grossartigen Materialien mit einen sinnvollen ökologischen Hintergrund.

Lightboard produziert in Deutschland und bedient von dortigen Zentrallager den deutschen und europäischen Markt.

See our product offer – all made of 100 % paper – Unser Produktangebot – 100 % aus Papier:

LightboardECO® – the high quality rigid board for POS, trade show and more

ECOR – 2,5 mm strong board for visual communication and construction

LightCore – 10 – 100 mm board for partitions, furniture and POS