LightboardECO presents ECOR

ECOR® flat board is produced of environmental composites. They are 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, non-toxic, 100% bio-based and environmentally clean to manufacture.

ECOR® is strong and light, and is easily engineered to any specification.

ECOR® offers a substantial increase in strength to weight, (4:1) over plywood and particleboard. The board can be painted and printed (flatbed print) and processed with die cut ,or punching.

A 2.5mm Ecor has more than 30% better values, with regard to modulus of rapture and elasticity, than commercial available hardboard with 3.18mm thickness and commercial available 12,7mm particle board.

ECOR® offers also a substantial increase in strength to weight (4:1) over plywood and particle board.

The preferred applications for Eco are:

  • Interior Construction; Architecture & Interior Design
  • Decorative Wall and Ceiling Panels;
  • Wallboard; Storage Systems; Acoustic Panels;
  • Doors; Moveable Partitions; Shelves; Cabinets; Etc.
  • Lighter furniture


Technical specifications:

Thickness: 2,5 mmFormat: 1220 mm x 3050 mm

Material: Produced of 100 % recycled paper and recycable as paper product